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KIt Harington - How To Dress Like A Tough Bastard Photoshoot

If you’ve lost touch with your inner rebel, your interior badass, the little bit of Marlon Brando in your soul—we’re here to help you reconnect. Start here, by taking your cues from Game of Thrones star Kit Harington

How to Break Hearts Completely
Much about men’s style has changed, but the holy trinity of bastard-dom is unwavering: an old T-shirt, beat-up jeans, and a nice-ass chain.

Now Here’s Where Things Get Interesting
Rather than going with motorcycle boots and a jean jacket, complicate the typical toughguy thing by mixing in Chelsea boots and a cardigan. You’ve just been upgraded from regular bastard to mysterious bastard.

New Move Alert: Turn Your Flannel Into a Belt 
Sure, it’s a nod to grunge, but Pearl Jam never made it look this elevated. The difference? Suit jacket, suede boots, and a flannel that’s nice, not thrifted.

Think of Black as a Free Pass to Show More Skin
The tougher you dress, the more you can get away with as far as loosening a button or rolling up your sleeves. The end result is sex appeal—and isn’t that always kinda the goal?

GQ Coverstory: http://www.gq.com/entertainment/celebrities/201404/kit-harington-cover-story-april-2014

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